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Concussion Clin. L1 - Evolution of Definition of Concussion

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses the evolution of the definition of concussion.

Concussion Clin. L2 - Concussion in Sport

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses the guidelines used in sports concussions, and their contribution to real world concussions

Concussion Clin. L3 - Acute Events of Concussion

Attorney Gordon Johnson outlines to four acute events of concussion.

Concussion Clin. L4 - Sport and Real World Concussions

Attorney Gordon Johnson contrasts the treatment an athlete receives after a concussion to that of the average person.

Concussion Clin. L5 - Adrenaline Effects Memory

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses the enhancing effect adrenaline has on a person's ability to remember events.

Concussion Clin. L6 - Amnesia & Confusion

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses how a person who has suffered a concussion can have amnesia and not be confused. Amnesia does not always come with confusion.

Concussion Clin. L7 - Periodic Follow-Ups

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses the need for a change in the treatment of concussion patients.

Concussion Clin. L8 - Factors in Brain Damage After Concussion

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses the various factors that contribute to the amount of brain damage a person will sustain after the event of a concussion.

Concussion Clin. L9 - Length of Amnesia Predicts Severity of Injury

Attorney Gordon Johnson discusses how the length of time a person experiences amnesia after a concussion can accurately predict the severity of the brain injury they will suffer.



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